Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome 2016!  Here’s a photo I snapped out my car window as I sped along the Great Smoky Mountain Express Way to the Asheville Airport for my return trip to Florida on New Year’s Eve. The clouds and fog made the mountainous countryside almost ethereal.IMG_20151231_133112_511-1.jpg


I-40 East, Asheville NC

I’d say 2015 was great for so many reasons. It may have had challenges, but what year doesn’t?  Have you noticed how the News Media and television Networks have made a tradition out of recounting the year’s previous “noteworthy” news events, tragedies, or celebrity deaths which occurred throughout the year?  Interesting. Life is what we make it so I have decided to create my own New Year’s tradition. I now choose to usher in the new year by recounting all the previous year’s positive things that happened in my life. It spawns gratitude instead of generating sadness or depression for me. So Hooray for happy!

May this New Year bring many wonderful things to all of you. Let’s gather all the priceless memories we can – I believe those are the flowers we are supposed to stop and smell along the way 😀

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