Planning For My First Visit

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.47.29 PM.png
Photo courtesy of Volcano Lodge, Arenal, Costa Rica

My birthday is in April and this year instead of taking a Caribbean cruise, my dearest JJ and I are finally going to Costa Rica. He has been there many times but this is my first trip. I’ve had many other friends who have visited there too but this will be my maiden voyage, so to speak.

I was off for Christmas holidays this year and I spent half in Florida with JJ’s family and then I flew to Asheville to see my family in the mountains. It wasn’t as cold as I expected this year. I didn’t even need a coat. I just missed the cold blast which blew through after I left. Seeing the snow would have been nice but considering my immune system was a little overtaxed with stress lately, I’m glad I wasn’t subjected to that climate change as well.

My new year started off with a bang of sorts. Situations and concerns beyond my control had been growing and apparently gave my system one too many hits. I subsequently suffered my first bout with sudden onset HIGH blood pressure. I ended up at urgent care and then the emergency room last week. Many tests and bills later… here I am. I consider it a wake up call.

I love my peace, quiet and harmony but lately I’ve not had even a second to myself to hear my own thoughts. Well frankly its been that way for over a year now.  I love my job, however the time away from home, the inability to cook healthy or even cook at all, the lack of rest and sleep has all made it clear that something in my life needs to change, and to change quickly. The recent trip to the ER was the confirmation I needed. We all think we’re invincible until something happens. I survived cancer as a child. I don’t want to trade my health and the remaining years I have left as an adult for stress and illness. I don’t want to be tied to medications and worry. So its time to MAKE the time to get healthy again. JJ and I are planning our early “retirement” to Costa Rica and after my birthday trip everything will be geared toward sorting through, pitching out, and giving away. We want uncluttered lives. We want to live and laugh again like we did when we were children. Less stress with more fun.  Oh! It feels strange to say I want to have more fun. As an adult it seems like that statement is so irresponsible. Is it? Of course not!  Why can’t we enjoy ourselves as adults, and why shouldn’t we? The truth is we should! It’s a known fact that laughter and happiness heals. We choose these things. We can be happy in the midst of a storm by choosing to focus on the positive. And yes, there is always positive somewhere. We need to use our imaginations again. We need to activate our minds to create new visions. We must allow ourselves to dream, not give in to becoming numb to the “fate” that others tell us is the norm.
A photo JJ shared with me today.  This is “reality” for the majority in America today.

We need to expect and strive for more than this. To me, the important things are time and ability to spend it with loved ones, to have time to teach, time to affect others in positive ways, time to build up and put back positive into the world.  If you drill down to discover the root of hostility and road rage for example, these things come from frustration, lack of time, lack of peace, lack of love. If people can’t feed themselves both figuratively and literally, they starve and have nothing left to give anyone else.

Now that I’ve had some fun with my little rant I will say so long for the moment. I am off today and will be researching some more about opportunities, advantages, and requirements for living in Costa Rica. Next post I will share what I find out. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Planning For My First Visit”

  1. Nice words and very encouraging….I totally get the feeling, Ginger and I are also striving for the same. Hope to see you soon and sing happy birthday in Spanish! 🙂

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