30 days and counting…

12592313_10201497035065793_6252401309704713047_n2015 Photo by Julian J Dunleavy

My first trip to Costa Rica is right around the corner. Plans are made, Arenal Lodge is booked, and tickets are almost in hand. We’re watching the prices of flights drop with the decreased fuel prices. Well at least we hope they are. Today is the day that we seal the deal with the airlines!

JJ and I are traveling down in the beginning of March which is still considered the dry or high season, also known as the summer season as opposed to the wet or green season which begins in April and runs through November. To read more about the climate in Costa Rica, check out http://www.govisitcostarica.com/travelInfo/climate.asp.

We’re packing light so we can just carry on backpacks. I hate checking luggage! We’ve previously managed to take a whole week’s worth of clothing and essentials on a trip to Las Vegas before just in our backpacks so I have no worries about this trip. I toss both wrinkle-free garments and a small travel size spray bottle of Downy’s Wrinkle remover into my bag.  If we were traveling someplace cold there would be far too many things with bulkier fabric to pack. I’d definitely need a large suitcase then. But this is easy. Plus, I don’t have to worry about losing my luggage or spending time at the baggage claim. We are able to start our adventure right away. I love simplicity!

For the first part of our journey we will be staying at one of the lodges around the Arenal Volcano, http://www.volcanolodge.com/. Later in the week we will be returning to San Jose and the surrounding areas, becoming more familiar with the Central Valley. I am going to be a picture taking nut! I’ll be posting on my Instagram (www.instagram.com/kindredwholistic) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/KindredWholistic), or you can follow what’s going on by following me on twitter (twitter.com/KindredWholism).

In future posts I’ll be sharing more of what I’ve been discovering in all the books I’ve been reading and research I’ve been doing. Stay tuned!

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