Moving to Costa Rica? Let’s Break It Down; Pt 1

Sharing the how’s of a successful move to Costa Rica.

IMG_20151011_183049_674.jpgphoto by LKNelson 2015

If you’re considering moving to Costa Rica like me, then I am sure you have a thousand questions about the process. Since there are so many websites, forums, Facebook groups, videos and other information to sift through online as well as in print it can be confusing if not overwhelming.
I certainly don’t propose that I am a source for any one but I certainly can share my own research with anyone who cares to digest it and follow up for themselves. My hope is that this series of blog posts are helpful and useful in some way.

So lets jump right in and start digging through the info.

Lots of people have moved to Costa Rica from the United States, Canada, Mexico and all around the world. Some simply sold everything, flew there with a few suitcases, and winged it from day one. I’ve also read about people who visited for several months at a time so they could become familiar with different areas of the country and finally chose where they wanted to live, and THEN returned home to prepare for their move. Which way is better? That depends on you. What are you comfortable with? What are your needs? Are you moving as a single person or with a family or children in tow? Also, are you financially able to take your time and “wing it” to find your place in the sun or do you need to plan a strategy to make the move a viable success? Everyone’s situation is different and one person’s experience who has already made the move may have similarities to our own journey but there will always be differences too. Finding out what is important to you is crucial in making the move a success.

First we have to know our reasons for moving. For me I want a more relaxed, less stressful life where the weather is nice all year round. I also want to be able to afford decent health care and to live comfortably. I started late in life in providing for my retirement years due to some unforeseen changes that altered my path and purpose. Therefore I have to be completely honest with myself about my financial future and plan accordingly.
Another factor that impacts my decisions is that I’m a bone cancer survivor who had a knee fusion years ago.  My range of mobility is less than what it used to be because of this and it is extremely important that I continue to be active and remain strong so I do not become limited in my ability to care for myself when I get older.

After you’ve come up with your “Why’s”, the next step is to figure out how. I’m going to share what I’ve found out about tourist and work visas, requirements for residency, banking and more. Look for my next post this weekend.

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