6 Days and 900 Miles – Day 1

My intention was to post as I went along. Its not that I couldn’t. Lord knows there is wifii almost everywhere down in Costa Rica. I was simply immersed in each and every moment! Oh my, the moments! I have loads of photos so I’ll post some of them for you.

From the moment we left the Ft Lauderdale airport it was a perfect day. There was a bit of turbulence as we rose above some puffy clouds but the flight went off without a hitch.

imagePhoto by Lisa Nelson – somewhere over the Everglades, ©2016

We had a rental car waiting on us when we flew into San Jose and the Avis courier picked us right up from the airport. It was so easy. Although we bought a paper map, I suggested we rent one of the Ezfind GPS Navigation tablets advertised in the airport when we landed. Since we planned on exploring the country on our own it turned out to be a God send. As anyone knows who has visited before, there are no street signs or names of streets in most rural locations. People don’t have house numbers or actual street addresses like we do in the US. They don’t need one. It all works perfectly well as it is. More about that later.
The Ezfind can get you anywhere throughout Costa Rica. It will even tell you detours to take if there is congestion or issues ahead. It will also notify you if “You’re over the speed limit” and although we found it very irritating to continually hear this message every time we bumped up over the limit by a smidgen, we were grateful since speeding tickets are $600, so the Avis agent told us.  If you have a Garmin, I’d suggest get a copy for yourself from Navsat before you go if you intend on doing any driving  http://www.navsat.com/en/maps/ .

IMG_20160306_173901_472.jpgPhoto by Lisa Nelson – La Paz Rio, Costa Rica ©2016

The first thing we did was travel up 126 to see La Paz waterfall. Since we flew in on a Sunday the place was swarming with people. Tourist buses, cars, motorcycles and pedestrians. Wow!

IMG_20160306_173809_492Photo by Lisa Nelson – La Paz Waterfall, Costa Rica ©2016

Winding through mountain roads on our way to Arenal we realized we were really hungry so we stopped at a wonderful restaurant called La-Choza de Laurel in La Fortuna. There I had my first cup of coffee made the traditional way using a chorreador. The waiter rolled a cart to our table and proceeded to grind fresh roasted coffee beans into a bowl. This was then loaded into the cloth funnel of the chorreador and boiling water was added. The freshest cup of coffee I’ve ever had dripped right into the cup the barista placed under the chorreador ‘sock’. Amazing!

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Photos by Lisa Nelson – La-Choza de Laurel, La Fortuna, Costa Rica ©2016

One thing I loved about traveling through the countryside, all the restaurants we stopped at were open-air establishments. There was always either ceiling fans going or wonderful breezes. And oddly I never saw a fly until we ate our first meal beachside at Playa Conchal. And come to think of it, with all the concern about the Zika virus in the US media lately, I never saw one mosquito until our last night in San Jose before we left to go home. Every place we went had open windows and fresh air. I can’t tell you how refreshing that was.

Here’s a photo of our marvelous dinner of typical Costa Rican fare consisted of grilled chicken, onion and peppers with corn tortillas, plantains, rice and beans and pico de gallo. IMG_20160306_202727_418Photo by Lisa Nelson – La-Choza de Laurel, La Fortuna, Costa Rica ©2016

After dinner we finally checked in at our hotel, Los Lagos in Arenal. The top of the volcano was shrouded in clouds that night so we weren’t able to see any activity but as we were concerned, sleep was the only thing we wanted at that moment.

Day two is next, stay tuned for more photos…

A Watched Pot Does Indeed Boil

More than half our journey is spent on waiting for things whether its the arrival of a newborn baby, change in circumstance, or the arrival of something we desire more than anything.

This week my pot began to bubble ever so slightly. The tiny little bubbles of possibility, as unexpected and out of the blue as it was. Hmm wait, did I look away for a second? Did that first bubble start while I took my focus off of my situation? Oooh, could the old adage “a watched pot never boils” be true? Well no, if we keep our focus on the pot it WILL eventually boil (as long as the fire is on!) if we stare long enough because change ALWAYS comes. Nothing stays the same, status quo only exists for a finite time.

However, watching a pot is pretty boring stuff. Where’s the fun in that? The point IS look away, to direct your attention to other things while, after doing all you can (like light the fire), you trust the change is coming. You know it is. We just have a hard time relaxing about any of it because we don’t know in what form that change will come and whether we will like it.

Anyway, I’ll continue with my boiling pot story… So, I have been putting carrots in my stew, onions, turning up the fire a bit and all that I knew to do (I’m talking about my career actually). And all this time the water hasn’t really moved.  Jeez! three years is a long time to wait for water to boil! When am I going to get a break? Well as with most things, its when you least expect it. Ah! So it happened when you looked away from the pot? Uh yeah, I guess so. LOL  My only point is this: the pot is going to boil anyway as long as you’ve put it on the fire but its pretty darn boring to stand there and wait. So go out and do something positive while you’re waiting and know change will come.

Good Golly Miss Molly, look at all this technology!

This is the official second day of my new Blogging Your Way course and I am thrilled to be learning new things. It.s going to make it much easier to share what I want to offer my readers and Lord knows I’m all for that. Well the newest discovery is this cool app for WordPress on my phone! When I have a quick break, I can compose or do any of the things on my blog that I would otherwise have to wait to do until after I get home from work. Woohoo!! I just had to post my excitement.
Oh! and a quick photo from my drive to work 🙂 It’s going to be a good day…

Fine wine takes time…

Three years has come and gone like a flash but not before it has managed to put me through my paces and restructure my life from the ground up. As they say, “Fine wine takes time” – and mine is still aging…

A little relevant tidbit:
After divorcing following a 20 year marriage, I found myself looking at life through the eyes of a 20 year old again, the age at which I met my husband. I had all those old dreams and visions looming up before me. Which path should I take? How do I recreate myself? Is it too late? I found my confidence shaken after many years of falling victim to the belief that for some reason I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t meet the mark.

I supported my husband and encouraged him for years in his ambitions and career. Then one day that ‘still small voice’ inside me became stronger than the fears inside me. I longed for a chance to follow the path I felt pulled to, to discover my own purpose.

However, this revelation brought us both to a place where we realized we no longer had the same vision for our future. My husband had finally found his perfect spot where he wanted to remain and was unable to support me in fulfilling my destiny as well. After much deliberation, counseling, and soul searching we decided to divorce, not because of a loss of love, but because it was clear that our vision and intentions were no longer the same as when we were kids in college.

Ah, there is obviously more to this story than what can be conveyed in a short paragraph but that will do for now. Simply said, parting ways was the hardest thing we ever had to do. But now, he is happily remarried and I am continuing on my way putting one foot in front of the other, looking to tie all the loose ends of my vision together.

And so today I happily make this first post. I hope this blog is not too serious for my readers. I can assure you that it will be inspirational and fun as well as serious where needed. I intend to post my favorite photos which I take in all of my travels along with inspirational quotes that I think are fitting. I will also be posting awesome recipes for food and medicinals you can make yourself.

I’m excited to share! I know we’ll have many days of sipping tea and chatting so let’s sit back and enjoy!  HUGS xo