The First Steps

happiness_quote-1The consideration of moving to another country might be horribly frightening to many people but I’ve always been an adventurer since I was small. I must have had a whole army of angels around me to keep me out of trouble because Lordy knows I used to jump into the proverbial deep end without researching and analyzing things when I was a kid. My best girlfriend and I would often imagine we were famous explorers wading waist high in canals and waterways in Florida, watching for movement from the shore or in the water, aware that water moccasins and gators could swim faster than we could.  Yes, looking back now I can say it was stupid, but as a kid we never believed we were anything but invincible. Our mothers would have had fits to say the least had they known. But as 6th graders we didn’t even consider what we did was dangerous. The bad case of poison ivy we contracted by pushing our way through “dense rain forests” was the worst consequence from our escapades.  Yes we were very lucky. Amazing how a child’s brain works differently than an adult’s.

Many moons later I sit here and contemplate a giant life transition, a move to another country. I had thought about it earlier in my life when I began to apply for the Peace Corps. Although I could have been placed anywhere, I hoped for central America even though I wasn’t fluent in Spanish. I had a little playmate when I was 9 who was adopted from Costa Rica and she inspired my imagination about the country with her stories of what she imagined life to be like in her native country. At the time I was filling out the Peace Corps application, I also applied to medical school for the Physician Assistant program and they accepted me!  I made the decision to further my medical education at that time which I’ve never regretted.

So why Costa Rica? Personal reasons of course. But to share a little I’ll say that I have several friends who have visited there multiple times and love the people and the country. They all have said how they return to the US nearly in tears not wanting to come back.  Not only is it a beautiful country, it is peaceful and friendly there. The culture and environment is laid back and not focused on the fast paced materialistic push of life we experience here in the US. Friends and family are more important than things and possessions. Also it must be said that the notion that it is a poor or third world country it completely ridiculous and erroneous. Costa Rica holds the honor of being completely 100% energy efficient since January 2015 by using Wind energy, Hydroelectric, and Geothermal energy to power the country. Also, nature conservation is huge with nearly one quarter of the country reserved for preservation from what I’ve been told. I’ll be checking these stats some more in the near future so I can be sure I am correct about what I’m sharing.

There is so much to talk about. I hope you will enjoy my ramblings as I continue on my journey to find my little place in the sun 🙂


The Journey Continues

I recently discovered that all my previous blog posts had gone missing! Hosting my domain with GoDaddy and not realizing that my CC expiration date had lapsed for the automatic renewal, they promptly deleted my files and have explained that they are irrecoverable. I panicked at first but then weighed the importance of the loss. Eh, it was minimal considering I had not made any real updates in quite a while. I had begun to record my efforts in researching the viability of moving to South America and was returning to add more information when I discovered the site was down. Instead of being dismayed, I actually see it as symbolic to how I feel about this new chapter of my life and stepping into the fullness of where my journey is taking me.  I’m actually excited. Even though my current work schedule allows little time to myself, I am going to enjoy writing short little posts about my discoveries in the moments where I can steal away.

Colorful Visions for the future… My Mood Board

As I mentioned before I am taking a course on blogging and how to do it with style! It’s called Blogging Your Way Which is offered by  Holly Becker on her website She really gets you thinking. I’m having a lot of fun with it and learning a lot too. This may sound like a plug for her class but I actually want to share some things that might inspire some others.

I started a blog about health and healing over a year ago but abandoned it due to frustration and lack of direction. Although I’ve written throughout my life, blogging takes more than recording diary entries. There’s a bit more finesse and pizazz that could be incorporated to enhance the enjoyment of the readers so… here I am traveling along the learning curve. Gosh there are so many cool tools out there.

This week our homework assignment was to create a Mood Board, a presentation board of sorts, to illustrate either what we like about our current blog or perhaps how we envision our future concept of our blog. My Mood Board is a representation of how I want to develop my blog. It turned out well, uh… at least I like it.  It incorporates all the elements I hope to develop my business into, which is the spring board and reason I started blogging anyway… to offer information and health promoting ideas for folks just like myself.

So here’s my Board:

In this collage I have included many aspects I resonate with. I have grouped some of my favorite personal photos as well as some which represent the future of my business. The tropical Caribbean islands, palm trees, and beautiful sunrises & sunsets inspire serenity for me. Tropical rain forests and waterfalls grow many of the rich priceless medicinal foods and ingredients our bodies need to heal and stay healthy. There are photos of green tea, aromatherapy, and flower essences as well as healthy whole vege foods. I am a believer in eating raw whenever possible so we can assimilate as many enzymes, vitamins and nutrients as our bodies need. The Lotus and meditation photos represent balance and harmony of course, while the spa photos offer a sense of relaxation. And yes, those 3 girls wearing the masks are me and my girls having some fun. It’s SO important to take time and smell the roses. We all do it far too seldom and that needs our conscious commitment to change.

The last aspect of my Board that I love is the quote I chose to script across it which says, “There is no passion to be found in settling for life that is less than the one you are capable of living” by Nelson Mandela. I used a flowing feminine script because I like beautiful things. This quote speaks perfectly of how important it is that we never take our life nor the time that we have for granted. I have spent too many years dreaming of my future, and now is the time for the doing. And so it goes…

A Watched Pot Does Indeed Boil

More than half our journey is spent on waiting for things whether its the arrival of a newborn baby, change in circumstance, or the arrival of something we desire more than anything.

This week my pot began to bubble ever so slightly. The tiny little bubbles of possibility, as unexpected and out of the blue as it was. Hmm wait, did I look away for a second? Did that first bubble start while I took my focus off of my situation? Oooh, could the old adage “a watched pot never boils” be true? Well no, if we keep our focus on the pot it WILL eventually boil (as long as the fire is on!) if we stare long enough because change ALWAYS comes. Nothing stays the same, status quo only exists for a finite time.

However, watching a pot is pretty boring stuff. Where’s the fun in that? The point IS look away, to direct your attention to other things while, after doing all you can (like light the fire), you trust the change is coming. You know it is. We just have a hard time relaxing about any of it because we don’t know in what form that change will come and whether we will like it.

Anyway, I’ll continue with my boiling pot story… So, I have been putting carrots in my stew, onions, turning up the fire a bit and all that I knew to do (I’m talking about my career actually). And all this time the water hasn’t really moved.  Jeez! three years is a long time to wait for water to boil! When am I going to get a break? Well as with most things, its when you least expect it. Ah! So it happened when you looked away from the pot? Uh yeah, I guess so. LOL  My only point is this: the pot is going to boil anyway as long as you’ve put it on the fire but its pretty darn boring to stand there and wait. So go out and do something positive while you’re waiting and know change will come.

Good Golly Miss Molly, look at all this technology!

This is the official second day of my new Blogging Your Way course and I am thrilled to be learning new things. It.s going to make it much easier to share what I want to offer my readers and Lord knows I’m all for that. Well the newest discovery is this cool app for WordPress on my phone! When I have a quick break, I can compose or do any of the things on my blog that I would otherwise have to wait to do until after I get home from work. Woohoo!! I just had to post my excitement.
Oh! and a quick photo from my drive to work 🙂 It’s going to be a good day…

Fine wine takes time…

Three years has come and gone like a flash but not before it has managed to put me through my paces and restructure my life from the ground up. As they say, “Fine wine takes time” – and mine is still aging…

A little relevant tidbit:
After divorcing following a 20 year marriage, I found myself looking at life through the eyes of a 20 year old again, the age at which I met my husband. I had all those old dreams and visions looming up before me. Which path should I take? How do I recreate myself? Is it too late? I found my confidence shaken after many years of falling victim to the belief that for some reason I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t meet the mark.

I supported my husband and encouraged him for years in his ambitions and career. Then one day that ‘still small voice’ inside me became stronger than the fears inside me. I longed for a chance to follow the path I felt pulled to, to discover my own purpose.

However, this revelation brought us both to a place where we realized we no longer had the same vision for our future. My husband had finally found his perfect spot where he wanted to remain and was unable to support me in fulfilling my destiny as well. After much deliberation, counseling, and soul searching we decided to divorce, not because of a loss of love, but because it was clear that our vision and intentions were no longer the same as when we were kids in college.

Ah, there is obviously more to this story than what can be conveyed in a short paragraph but that will do for now. Simply said, parting ways was the hardest thing we ever had to do. But now, he is happily remarried and I am continuing on my way putting one foot in front of the other, looking to tie all the loose ends of my vision together.

And so today I happily make this first post. I hope this blog is not too serious for my readers. I can assure you that it will be inspirational and fun as well as serious where needed. I intend to post my favorite photos which I take in all of my travels along with inspirational quotes that I think are fitting. I will also be posting awesome recipes for food and medicinals you can make yourself.

I’m excited to share! I know we’ll have many days of sipping tea and chatting so let’s sit back and enjoy!  HUGS xo